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GISWeb Mapping Site

The GIS Division of the Department of Planning, Engineering & Permits is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our mapping website. This site was developed with Geocortex Essentials. We worked with Latitude Geographics to develop an application to provide citizens of the City of Birmingham access to geographic data and mapping capabilities. We will continue to update the site with new functionality, help pages and more.

Some of the new features included in this upgrade are:

  • Change symbology on Layers
  • Dynamic Map Symbolization (symbolize layers by data values)
  • Improved graphic and markup options
  • Dynamically reorder map layers
  • Improved feature highlighting
  • Search Results Grouped by Layer
  • Ability to Filter Layers
  • More options for working with selected features
  • Create/Save more sophisticated queries

This new site is HTML5 compliant and no longer use popups. The site will work in Internet Explorer 9 or later, as well as the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

GIS Staff are working on creating an online help system. The help system along with new functionality along with new functionality will soon be added to the site. Until the help is ready, there is an overview document to help explain available functionality. Click the link below to view this document.

Introduction to City of Birmingham Online Mapping


Read the Disclaimer and Launch the Map

Note: This application works best with your screen resolution set at 1280 x 800 or larger.